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Well Hello...

First of all you're probably wondering where the hell I've been, no updates, no footprint on social media anywhere. Well like some of you I've had a great deal of time to think and contemplate over these past 17 months.

Spending time with my young family was something I came to see filled me up and in my conquest to save the world, I didn't see that my own home needed my time and love also. The lack of travelling automatically saw me saving 25+ hours a week, let alone the amount I was working away from home.

Some of you may remember since 2017 I've been hinting and suggesting about pushing my work online and conducting services via video calls. Many of you seemed reluctant as to how that would look and would the benefits be the same. March 2020 saw no choice for a lot of you that chose to continue working with me and I'm really happy to say that I feel there was no detriment to the results people received.

So what now, well I will not be returning to Essex or London 4-5 days a week. At the moment I'm talking to both my clinics; THE LODGE SPACE & NATUREWORKS drawing up a plan, at first I'm looking at maybe coming up a couple of days a month. Services via Zoom will still be available for the foreseeable future if you are unable to secure a face to face spot.

Other face to face options will also include ALTEA in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. I will soon be resuming either a morning or afternoon sessions there once a week.

The final option is ASTON ABBOTTS also in Buckinghamshire, I've been hiring the village hall since the end of 2020 for face to face work and am more then happy to see you here, if you are able to make the travel arrangements.

Currently with THRIVE COACHING we are full, which is amazing thank you so much. We've just added an announcement to the website stating this and have asked people to submit their details if they wish to be placed in the queue. This operates on a first come first serve basis.

ARBONNE - is the Nutrition company I signed up to work for weeks before the initial Lock-Down here in the UK. whilst I've never focussed so much on building a team, right now I feel I am in a much better position with time to be able to help other people build a business and transform their health and wellbeing. If you are interested in creating a part-time side hustle that can eventually lead to a full time income please do get in contact with me.

Social Media - So I did remove myself from all social media as a cleanse and detox to myself, some of you may be aware from my previous posts where I've spoken out about never being a fan of social media as often I've felt a slave to it, having to post forced content 2-3 times a day. I may reinstate my accounts in the future I may not. All future news and endeavours will now be published through this blog, email updates to targeted lists I've built over the years. Whilst I understand there is an inconvenience to those of you who refer people, please can I ask that you either pass on the method of contact you use, or simply pass on my web address,

Also and finally I just want to thank you all, sadly I saw so many small businesses suffer greatly over this period, you guys are the absolute best, the way that you kept coming back and putting your health, well-being and mindset first was so inspiring, the many many referrals I received over this extended period with no social media. You guys absolutely rock and without any of you, I wouldn't be able to sit here writing this thank you message for you...

From the absolute bottom of my heart, thank you all so so much.

Love, Light and Blessings always



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