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Meetup Group Closure

​Morning All...

I just wanted to take this opportunity to quickly address you all...

As some of you maybe aware I've ran four meet up groups for little over 6 months now following the advise of a friend as i'd relocated my living and business to London at the beginning of the year

Through this time I've connected with so many of you and want to thank you for attending days and events I've put on... Your support has been amazing

The reason for this message is, Meetup have landed me with an invoice for the next 6 months of service with them charging $120... A fee that I have issues justifying to myself.

So as of today my groups will close:

  • Dragon Energy Epping

  • Dragon Energy London

  • Dragon Energy High Wycombe

  • Anusha Star Healing

If you would like to remain connected to me and my work I have various social media platforms I use. These can be found on my website.

I'm really looking forward to 2018 - I'm opening a Dragon Clinic in New York and running my first Dragon Energy workshop there too

After months of talks I'm looking to finally extend clinics out into LA, Florida, Switzerland & Bulgaria.

I've just recently opened a new Clinic in Canada Water at a venue called 'The Lodge'. There is a plant based cafe there, yoga classes, a number of different therapies and fitness classes, if you're around please be sure to check it out.

Once again with a slightly heavy heart,thank you all for your messages, support and love over the months...

Be sure to sign up to my mailing list on my website to be kept up to date with all the exciting things that are coming up.

Love, Light & Dragon Blessings


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