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Global Meditation - Via Facebook Live

Who here Meditates? Who doesn't have time?

Would you try..?

On September 20th i'm going to attempt something. I run a share group in High Wycombe and once a month the first thing we all do is a guided meditation, in order to move forward and drop the days stress...

Whilst we were doing our last mediation the idea was given to me to run the mediation via Facebook live. Every month I get so many messages from people expressing their interest in coming to the group and then something always comes up. Whilst I appreciate that and completely understand given their circumstances, at the end of the day, its them who ultimately end up suffering and losing out.

Some people are free time wise but are held at locations and cannot leave, i.e looking after children.

Broadcasting the mediation via FB Live will enable you where ever you are to be able to take that time for yourself and if you can't do it at 19:15 GMT you will have the opportunity to watch it back in your own time... At your convenience.

I have clients all over the world, the thing is, if they tune in too... We would in short create a global consciousness... ( know that i'm going to be messaging you all 😊 )

This is purely experimental and i'm willing to try it on the 20th, obviously the integrity of my group comes first and if i feel it doesn't fit with the dynamics of what i'm trying to achieve there i'll look for another way to do this...

I now live in a world where I cannot understand how people do not meditate. I take my hat off to you in the fact you are able to cope... Are you really coping...?

You shower and bath to remove yesterdays dirt, just 5 minutes a day of mediation removes yesterdays stress...

So I ask you please join me and help spread this message, share with your friends and family...

Love to you all...

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