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Why I Joined Arbonne

So why am I here, why Arbonne I hear you ask… especially if you’ve met me professionally from one of my main vocations. Well in my full time profession as a therapist I've been looking to get behind a product since around 2010 when i first created the Nulife Group. Something to endorse and put my name to, a product I believe serves and gives value, something that also aligns with my ethical beliefs.

On the side I have a part time hustle being a Personal Trainer and have seen so many trainers in London latch on and push nutritional products I didn’t deem to be necessarily clean... Again I would of signed up too if I believed in the product...

When it comes to supplements, in truth I’m in the boat I care more about real food. Since the late 90’s I've always been one to side step western medicine in an approach to tackle aliments with Nutritional Therapy. As Hippocrates famously said 'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food' This guy I believe was onto a winner. With that said I fully appreciate the mad fast paced life of most people and how convenience does play a massive factor for people in ticking nutritional boxes.

So why now, why Arbonne…? The company has been orbiting me since 2015, I have to admit I’ve never once felt compelled to step forward into that ambassador lifestyle, the stigmas of network marketing and my ego have always prevented it, but honestly I never envisioned this path in my life. Plus I’m not a fan of sales!

In 2020 my eyes were opened as I heard compelling arguments around the benefits of Direct Marketing Companies, and how you can develop your ‘intrepreneur’ skills ( meaning, someone else is essentially taking the risk, not you ). The only brand I could think of that I believed in their values was Arbonne, now I don’t care much for wearing make-up but had also heard there was a new nutritional line… This did intrigue me as I’d previously heard raving reviews about the ethics of the company and how clean their products are. What was their Nutrition like…

I’m a hands on guy ( as you may already know ) I jumped in two footed to complete their 30 day cleanse and detox and wow I was staggered. Not only did I have more energy, lose weight ( this was not an essential goal ) but was amazed at how in reflection I was able to see behavioural patterns and habitual eating programming I had picked up, i.e am I genuinely hungry or am I eating for the sake of it. This was all brought to light…

My job I feel in life, is to present myself as a light and do what serves me to my highest… Arbonne is now a massive weapon in my arsenal that I leverage to help and coach people to do better for themselves…

Since March 2020 I’ve peddled goods to those who have enquired ( mainly clients asking out of intrusive what I’m doing, commenting on my appearance or energy levels ), seriously if I’m going to be totally honest with you I’m that in love with the products I merely signed up as Consultant to obtain the huge discount i would receive on future ordering. But with how things have panned out this Past 17 months, I’ve been able to work my Arbonne company into a nice little side hustle and now with time on my hands that wasn’t there before, I feel freed up to be able to coach people looking to start a part time project that has the potential to grow into a full time income. If this is something that interests you, or you’re looking to take control of your health, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I wish you the best…




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