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Reformed Balance Future?

Some of you may of seen on the DKI website, the RB Logo offering a host of fitness services, nutrition coaching and some post sport therapies.

This project may have seemed to come out of the blue and to an extent it actually did, whilst i'd never advertised or made the services known, I was delivering Personal Training sessions to a select few individuals in and around London.

Upon recently attending a course to better myself with further knowledge of the body within the fitness/ sports industry, I had the option to include a bolt on qualification. The additional qualification was Personal Training Business Management. I had to develop and create a business model and show demonstration through a number of months ( with evidence ) a sustainable business. This incarnation of Reformed Balance has lead to the creation of an Instagram Page

Well the good news is I passed the course I had been studying for 15 months, but subsequently amassed a small following around the Instagram page which resulted in me exceeding the maximum number of hours I’d put aside to deliver PT in a week.

The business model grew ( on paper for the course )... I introduced nutritional coaching services as well as two post sport therapies and a bespoke BodyWorx service that forms part of the Signature Collection from the Dragon Clinic. Again each of these services were met with a surprising appreciation.

So what is the future, again if you are following the account you'll see I haven't posted for a while, as I hadn't needed to ( coursework completed and submitted ).

This silence and absence has lead to me being messaged across many platforms about the future of Reformed Balance. After long consideration over many weeks, looking at my greater & bigger goals, and life path mission, I've decided to keep the project running and to extend the services.

Reformed Balance will officially start up soon,

Whilst PT services in London will be become more restricted and limited.

PT in Essex will come to an end by 2020.

High Wycombe and Aylesbury areas PT will be made more available.

Nutritional Coaching and Therapies will only be made available for subscribed PT clients with package incentives being made available.

Also in Early 2020 we will launch an Online Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching and Emotional Wellbeing Talk Therapy Services...

I really want to thank you all for the support this project has been given in its short public life.

Love D.


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