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August New Moon... New Cycle... New You

I’m really please to announce our August promotion coinciding perfectly with the Full Moon and the Eclipse happening today, we are now entering a new six month cycle.

To assist this transition we’ve been guided to run a three step workshop, called Finding your Joy. Each stage helps you to release what you’re holding on to that no longer serves you, ascend and start the process again. Once each stage is complete you’ll be able to transmute your energy to invoke change and soar to a higher vibrational state.

Each section is valued at £50, we’re offering this process with an incredible one third off… The package is now live and on sale for just £100.

Upon sign up you’ll receive your three electronic manuals via email. The work will then be conducted accordingly at a time of your choosing and the bonus, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home… 💜

For more information please feel free t

o message.

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