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Karmic Justice Ritual

Those of you who have asked me about the Lunar Eclipse on 23rd/ 24th March 2016. This is the ritual i will be doing :)

Karmic Justice Meditation ~ LIBRA LUNAR ECLIPSE


For the ceremony and meditation we want to bring in as many attributes as we can. Use what you have.

Minerals and Stones associated with Libra

Smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, Herkimer diamonds, Moonstones, emeralds, lapis, kunzite, coral.

Stones for Aries

Red garnets, bloodstones, carnelian, ruby, amber.

I would use watermelon tourmaline as it has both the green tourmaline for Libra and the red for Aries.

Set up an alter or sacred meditation space.

Use lots of smudge and incense for Cardinal AIR.

Coriander, rose, sweetgrass, sandalwood, and vanilla for LIBRA. Put on quiet meditation music. You can prerecord these instructions with pauses to listen to as you do the meditation.

Use white or green for Venus and red candles for Mars/Aries. The MOON’s color is silver. Use silver candle stick holder or put dimes, quarters or silver dollars on the alter and wear silver jewelry.

Libra rules the skin, small of the back and kidneys and adrenals. Cleansing and toning herbs are angelica, thyme, burdock and bearberry. The Moon rules the breasts, the left eye, the lymph, bodily fluids and saliva, ovaries. If you have any problems with these areas bring them into your meditation, and use Reiki to amplify the healing energy.

Begin by smudging yourself first. Light your candles. One for each direction. Always move clockwise whatever tradition you use. I start in the East, other traditions start in the South.

Call in the four elements and the four direction into your sacred circle.

Call in the four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael in the same order.

Center yourself by breathing, sit or stand as feels right to you. You can do this ritual outdoors as well. Best to do this with your eyes closed.

Look up at the sky and see or imagine the full moon. Feel the moon’s energy. It’s silvery white Full Moon light and the shadow of the earth blocking the light and breathe that light and that shadow into your body. Just keep breathing, naturally and easily. Your intention is everything. You are safe and in control.

Then breathe down the sun/moon light into the 7th, crown chakra, the thousand petaled lotus at the top of your head.

Then breathe it down into your third eye, the 6th chakra. See it circulate and activate your pineal gland.

Breathe the eclipsed moon into your 5th throat chakra and circulate it there in your communications center. Then breathe into your central channel and into your 4th chakra, your heart. It has a beautiful emerald green color.

Intend to connect to your own self as the beloved within first, this is crucial. Then after you feel and experience this self-love, next imagine your “beloved” and you within your heart. See and feel the two of you dropping all your stories, masks, and fears and centering together in unconditional love and union in each other’s hearts as equals, as one whole entity.

When you sense this, then extend this love, peace and balance out to the world. See all the others humans and yourself as one equal entity, half of the other. Muslims and Jews, Catholics and atheists, men and women, straights and gays. See the wholeness of self and other as yin and yang, the polarity which is necessary for all of life. Feel the respect and the peace as each discovers how necessary and needed and loved the other is.


With your intentions, use the eclipsed moon’s light to cleanse and purify any residual conscious and unconscious memories, from past, future lives and present life karma which is keeping you from loving yourself completely. Ask to release any blocks and fears of intimacy which keep you from being in a committed relationship.

Take your time. Ask to bring yourself into a place of total harmony, peace and love, firmly rooted in the middle way or pillar of justice.

Sense your heart reborn anew, lighter, clearer in its original purity.

Now visualize your heart weighed against Maat’s ostrich feather and watch until your heart comes into a perfect balance with that white feather on her scales of justice. Stay with this energy.

Be in this as long as you need. Meditate and ask what you need to do now. At the end of your meditation always thank the elements and spirits and close your circle. Write down visions, feelings and questions.

Information and credit to: Tara Greene

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