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I Finally Met Marianne :)

Still in complete awe of tonight meeting the beautiful Marianne Williamson... Just a truly blessed being of light.

And she giggled at my jokes too #ontoawinner

I was first told about Marianne in 2012 by my friend Patsi, she also gave me her copy of Return to Love, devouring the book I instantly fell in love with her, her style of writing and her compassion, two books and seven audio programs later, I still feel a homely warmth when reading her books or hearing her voice.

Tonight's talk blew my expectations, having heard Mariannes message so many times before, tonight I sat listening like it was the first time I'd heard it.

I'm so grateful for the direction and spiritual wisdom I've obtained from Marianne's message over the years including the introduction to the

amazing Course In Miracles.

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