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When to Buy Organic...

When to Buy Organic... The Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen!

So i'm writing this more for myself so when

i'm buying groceries I can quickly check

to see what foods should be brought organic.

Lets face it our shopping bills would be sky high if we bought everything organic, wouldn’t they?!

Fruit and veg no longer contains the high levels of the vitamins and minerals that we need to keep our bodies in full working “order” and this is contributing to the increase in illness and disease that we are experiencing.

When digging around on the internet and asking various other vegans and health nut nutritionists I know, I managed to find the list below which is “the dirty dozen and the clean 15 list”

Basically the dirty dozen list show which dozen fruits and vegetables have reported high levels of pesticides in their genetic “make – up”

The Clean Fifteen is a list of the fruits and vegetables that have the lowest levels of pesticide residues and are less likely to test positive for multiple pesticides.

The Dirty Dozen

Apples Sweet Bell Peppers Strawberries Spinach Potatoes Peaches Nectarines Chillis Grapes Cucumbers Cherry Tomatoes Celery

The Clean Fifteen

Asparagus Sweet Potatos Avocados Sweet Peas Pineapple Papaya Onions Mushrooms Mango Kiwi Grapefruit Aubergine Sweetcorn Melon Cabbage

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