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Anusha Meditation CD Available Soon...

The problem I find with reading a Spiritual Growth and Development book is when it comes to taking action and doing the meditations... So what do you do? light candles, incense and then begin to memorise a guided meditation, no... So you sit there, read a bit, start to feel it, open your eyes and read a bit more…! I know! Record yourself on your phone and then play it back…! But your phone’s speaker sounds tinny and your voice is just off-putting and hardly takes you to a Zen state…

Well pondering on this exact idea, I teamed up with Patsi Hayes, author of "Anusha Healing ~ Shining a Beacon of Love in Changing Times" and together we have together professionally recorded an album of all the meditations in the aforementioned book...

If you are an Anushee already and are looking to be taken back to your incredible journey on the workshop, you can be instantly transported back to that place…

If you are simply looking to start or change up your morning practise this CD is probably going to benefit you a great deal. The CD will make a great gift to accompany the book.

Patsi’s uber relaxing voice is gently supported by subtle and simple piano arpeggiation and chords, in layman terms, theres a bit of tinkering on the ivory which sounds quite nice…

We have both excitedly been working away on this project ( secretly too ) for a while and we both hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as we did producing it for you :)

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