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We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising.


-  Kenneth Cooper

About Us



Darryl's entrance to the fitness industry comes at a later stage in his life. The move was triggered by a thirst for greater understanding of the body especially regarding rehab and mobility work. This knowledge would greater serve his endeavours as a therapist.


After qualifying as a personal trainer, Darryl's training was focussed around the mental motivation and asking "why are you here"?, "why do you want to bring about these changes in your life"? Something that tied back into his therapy work about the mindset and establishing where people are within themselves.


When recently asked about this new branch into Personal Training Darryl said "I'm surprisingly enjoying it, i've found certainly the way I work i'm conveying 80-90% of the same mental information i would as if i was in the city conducting a therapy session, however this is a different demographic of people in a much different setting, i've just increased the audience i can help so i'm all for that".


Darryl's background stems from 3 decades of various forms of Martial Arts and almost two decades of Yoga. specialising in the concept of foundational movement and working naturally with the body.

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical emotional & mental states.

-  Carol Welch



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“Being in the fitness industry myself, I wanted a PT who would listen to my needs and tailor a program to meet my specific requirements rather than providing a generic session plan. I knew Darryl specialised in functional training which is something that really appealed to me. He listened to my requests and knew how to push me past my limits without being forceful. I definitely achieved my goals and will be looking to book some more sessions once I've given birth"

- Deniz

"I employed Darryl to help me get into shape leading up to my wedding, I found him consistent, friendly and approachable with plenty of banter. In the 4 months I spent working with Darryl I achieved my desired goal and look, most importantly fitted into my dress".

- Hayley

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