Well I lost 4lb this week & all thanks to you making me reach for that banana instead of the takeaway leaflet. You beaut!!!.xX

Charley M

I'm not going to lie, I was completely skeptical however I have no neck pain today or back pain. It can't just be a coincidence as much as I want to tell myself it is. I would definitely do it again! Much love to you! Xx

Sarah M

This was an incredible experience which I would highly recommend for anyone. From cleansing right through to the release of pain and healing. Will be going back soon!

Laura H

So grateful to have had a healing session with Daryl recently. My mind was completely blown by the experience and the things he was able to communicate to me. Since our session i have been feeling incredible energetically and cannot wait for more sessions to come!

Amanda J

I never really knew what I was letting myself in for with Darryl, only two healing sessions with him within the space of 7 months due to living in Switzerland and my life had shifted in such an amazing way! If I were England based I'd definitely be asking for more of his time!!! 

Naiomi M

I have never felt and looked so good since you saw me. Would love to keep this going as it is like a new start for me. Thank you for help

Robert C

My First experience with Darryl was the first time I had ever taken on something like this, but the outcome was something beautiful that I can't quite explain   

You need to commit to this for yourself, for your inner peace and alignment. It's 2 days on.. I feel more invigorated and energised than I ever have. As if a million weights have been lifted from my shoulders. 

If you are or have been considering this path, do not miss that sign. Follow it.

Mike W

I've been fortunate enough to have had three healing sessions with Darryl. Prior to this i had never experienced this type of work on my being and was really curious and fascinated to understand it! I feel a lot of my/our limitations, grievances, and complaints really manifest into emotional conditions that sometimes we cannot find easy to shift consciously without the intervention of a "light worker". I truly feel, see and know that I have benefited in all dimensions, I truly loved it and recommend Darryls work to others at every opportunity 

Hannah L

He is amazing, he helped correct a nagging hip problem.

Jon R

I have received healing and life coaching many times and love the service and safe environment Darryl provided. Would definitely recommend!

Hayley W

This was an absolutely incredible experience

Hannah W