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Instagram - Smoothie cravings this morning..
Instagram - 01:30 Carb Fix..
Instagram - Night Time Carbing Up with 1
Instagram - A quick snack of #bananas & #sugar in between rides today

So good to be back in the sad
Instagram - Lunch time just got serious... 80oz of green smoothie..
Instagram - But what do you vegans eat??? Taco's 😋 #raw #vegan #health #detox #cleanse #smoothie #d
Instagram - How amazing is our lifestyle, that we can eat freshly made #Banana NICE Cream for Breakf
Instagram - Green fuel time 😛 at #Wholefoods London

#raw #vegan #health #detox #cleanse #smoothie
 baked vegan granola..
Instagram - #Wagamamas never disappoints..
Instagram - Starting to take a little extra protein now, as I'm losing too much weight with all the
Instagram - Medjoul Dates in the bag..
Instagram - Looking forward to smashing some lunch..
Instagram - Dinner time just got a whole lot sweeter..
Instagram - #workoutwonder #juice #homemade #tomato #soup #celery #apple #cucumber #lemon #ginger #h
Instagram - raw pasta and raw marinara sauce #raw#801010#811rv#vegan#eatclean#detox#health#nutrition
Instagram - #watermelon #nutrition #cleanse #bethebest #bliss #health #healing #raw#vegan #eatclean
Instagram - So I completed the #Strava 130km #GranFondo today... 81.1 miles cycling in the sun
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Let Food

Be Thy Medicine

And Medicine

Be Thy Food


- Hippocrates... 

  The Father of Western Medicine

Who is Darryl?

My Journey into nutrition came as a result of a health issue within myself. I failed to see the good in synthetic pills and medication so set about overcoming my issue and correcting my body through Nutritional Therapy. It was never my intention to become a nutritionist but through self study for my own knowledge I obtained qualification after qualification, seeking and looking to understand how our bodies work at the simplest level.
I experimented with an array of different fasting and healing detox methods over the years and due to my personal progress in restoring my health I've found myself to be continually and consistently approached regarding lifestyle and nutritional coaching from others.

keeping food & health simple

I specialise in the following areas:

Vegan Lifestyles  |  Transitioning Vegetarians  |  Raw Food  |  Juices & Smoothies  |  Fasting/ Detoxing & Mono Mealing


Chinese Nutritional Therapy  |  Gluten Free Lifestyles  |  Speciality Diets 



Try my free 20 minute health assessment via Skype. You have nothing to lose by choosing this free gift. The assessment will provide insight as to whether or not you require my help and I will go through the ways where I can assist. 

  Initial Consultation
£50  Follow up Appointments


Support Plan 1 for Weight and Lifestyle Management includes a full consultation of 60 minutes and 4 x 30 minutes Coaching and Support Sessions fortnightly via Skype.

One to One sessions can be made available.

£155  Support Plan 1


Support Plan 2 for Weight and Lifestyle Management includes a full  consultation of 60 minutes and 8 x 30 minutes Coaching and Support Sessions weekly via Skype.

One to One sessions can be made available.

£255  Support Plan 2

Please note we accept