Like a Phoenix Rising!

What is the Dragon Clinic

The Dragon clinic is a modern and fresh bespoke clinic encompassing many factors helping you strive to achieve complete health and vitality of course with the added convenience of all being available under one roof. 

We address Nutrition, Fitness, and discuss the general running and organisation of your Life. We can assist in Addiction Recovery, Life Coaching, starting or advancing your daily Spiritual Practice and how to bring stillness, zen and balance into your life.

We also run a range of workshops to help you develop yourself further and in turn go on and pass this information on to help and inspire others yourself.

Following the closure of Nulife in February 2014 Darryl assured everyone that the break he was embarking on was only a temporary move and he would return once again with a new and fresh approach and concept on delivering his gift.  Darryl foresaw this as a chapter of personal growth and self development. His new sacred space in his new property was dubbed the Zen Den and not the Healing Studio as like previously. This new space would be a space to grow within himself.

Fast forward 20 months and Darryl is back... October 2015 saw the launch of Darryl Kempster International, playing home to the new Dragon Clinic amongst other project companies.

Journey to Working

with Dragons...

This journey kind of started for me in 2012, do you think it a coincidence that this was also the year of the Dragon hmmm I wonder! So there I was meditating one morning, because lets face it all good stories start on your knees! I’ll never forget this image of a Dragon before me. Telling me that Dragons were in fact real and not myth as we’ve been lead to believe and that I would work with Dragons one day... Once I’d sorted my act out!

My journey ( albeit, not directly following this message ) has taken me on a road of veganism, sobriety from alcohol, becoming caffeine free and also starting a daily practice of doing the inner work on myself. 

My ability to work as a clearer channel resulted in much better results when healing, I thought I had my healing game sussed! I was appearing on Radio, giving interviews to people, speaking at events. When suddenly February 2014 appeared. I was in the process of moving house, when the same Dragon from before appeared before me again in meditation. I was told to close Nulife, close 411 Group Enterprises - my other venture I had from the age of 19. Tomorrow was a new day and I would be working with Dragons? I questioned the actions, but eventually done what I was told and from there on I embarked on what turned out to be a 20 month episode working almost daily with this ancient energy. 

In September 2015, during a three week period I received step by step instruction on how to set up this new project company. One week in particular dubbed the phrase ‘living on light’ pulling around the clock work hours and amassing only 7 hours sleep during the period of 6 days plus hardly eating too. The company was finished, the company name was given to me, prices stipulated, they had even given me permission to use a Dragon motif for the logo. Purely co-creation at its finest. I then received a green light to go out, spread this energy and be of service to the world...


What's Different with Dragons Energy

So the way in which I work, seems no different, as I’ve come to learn all i’ve done in making myself the clearest channel possible is to hold space at a high vibration which allows the Dragon(s) to enter the room; come via the side of me and heal the client directly. The Dragon energy does not channel through my body as with other healing modalities.

What does this mean? The main thing I guess is how short the treatment is, the actual Dragon healing I’ve witnessed to be the longest was around 6 minutes... I was told that working this way is an elevation to the way I previously worked. So after 6 minutes what happens, well I usually am working in an altered trance like state and go through the motions of still providing healing like Reiki, Anusha and Psychic Surgery. The dragons go and sometimes come back and further assist with healing, especially if there is psychic surgery being carried out... 

All I can say is this is the most powerful and amazing energy i've ever worked with.