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What is


Anusha is a loving powerful

gentle healing energy



Anusha is an exciting new energy healing system channelling the sparkling brilliance

and scintillating energy of the stars.

It enables us to come home to the wisdom within and ultimately connect with and experience peace, calm,

stillness and serenity in our lives.

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Call off the Search...


Anusha calls off the search for what you've been looking outside of yourself. This incredible warm and powerful energy brings you home to the stillness that resides within. So many people I speak to refer to the energy as familiar... Almost like a  deja vu of recognisable feelings, this is because you've awoken your true self within.

                                                                 - Darryl Kempster

                                                                                        Anusha Master Teacher

I Am Calm... I Am Still... I Am Peace... I Am Love... I Am Home...


Learning Anusha


One day workshop


You will be introduced to a brief history of the energy and its associations ( e.g. The Six-pointed Star, The Silver-violet Flame and Shiva Lingams ) and experience an atonement during which the Master symbol is placed in your aura/ major chakras whilst four additional symbols are directed into key chakras. You will be given the opportunity to work with the energies of these symbols and to learn how they might be employed in self-healing and healing others. 


One day workshop


Level Two includes your at-one-ment ( attunement ) to Anusha 2 during which you receive 4 further Anusha symbols. We practise working with these symbols so that you can directly experience their energies, and learn more about Anusha healing for self and others. Anusha 2 introduces the Angels and Ascended Masters specifically connected with Anusha, and we explore the Essene background to Anusha. The day includes information on the run-up to 2012 and the energy changes & consciousness shifts that may be experienced. 


One day workshop


Master Practitioner workshop includes the at-one-ment

( attunement ) to the final 4 symbols which completes all 13 of the symbols. We practise working with these symbols so that you can directly experience their energies. The course includes further information on the Star of David and the planetary energies associated with Anusha, and meditations to meet the Star Goddesses. We also further explore Anusha’s link with the elephant-headed God, Ganesh, ‘remover of obstacles’! 


TWO day workshop


Master Teacher ( two day workshop ) includes learning how to give at-one-ments and guidance on teaching Anusha. 

Included is Full Business pack to start your own Anusha Practise.

Anusha Ascension

Getting your Wings

half day workshop


With the arrival of a further seven new symbols ‘Getting your Wings’ is a beautiful and extremely powerful workshop giving you some astonishing angel energy to work with for releasing anything you no longer wish to hold on to. 

The timing is, of course immensely significant, emerging now to support us as healers as we ascend into the 5th dimension.


half day workshop


After the release from Getting your Wings... its time for the second part... Freedom to Fly completes your journey with Mystic energies that enable you to complete your metamorphic transition and release you from the burden by allowing you to soar into the sky free...

This workshop presents you with a further two symbols, ( 4 and 5 ) and the incredible energies of of two Ascended Masters...

here comes

the sun

half day workshop


Here Comes the Sun is the final instalment of the Wings trilogy, you will be given the final symbol here... 


The workshop finds you back in Ancient Egypt with the Almighty Gods Thoth and Rah, envoking their energy with an amazing symbol, sacred geometry and the flower of life... 

seventh heaven

one day workshop


7th Heaven gives us a further 7 new symbols, connecting us with Mother Mary, Lady Nada and Mary Magdeline...


The vibration of these symbols are incredible and are here to help and support you now in the 5th Dimension...

3 Life Changing Systems, Plan your Journey


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3 - MP


Level 4 - MT


your Wings


to Fly

Here Comes

the Sun





Heaven - MT

*MT - Master Teacher

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