Darryl’s work within the media industry spans back over 20 years, showing himself as a competent musician playing a number of different instruments and writing for various independent record labels, his latest credit comes in the form of Producing.


Darryl has also been involved in modelling for over a decade, mainly fashion and hair and has shown great diversity in his look.


Film & TV work is another string to his bow, with the first Film project he worked on achieving best Feature Film in the London Portobello Film Festival in 2004… Since then Darryl has gone on to feature in many more films, produce music videos and write/ co-write a couple of TV shows that are currently in pre-production stage with SkyTV.

Close Protection

& Specialist Security


Darryl completed training with the Professional Bodyguards Guild International and became a fully qualified Close Protection Officer with the Elite Protection Group at just 19 years old. His highly successful career went on to last just over 15 years and credits included looking after many of the biggest names in Music and Screen as well as many Government, Ministerial and Diplomatic Contracts.


In addition to Close Protection Darryl also managed Blue Chip contacts for Global Corporations. These were more of a Facilities Management style role then Security which lead Darryl onto his next chapter away from the Security Industry.


After leaving the Security industry in August 2014, Darryl completed a years work at the prestigious UK flag ship National Sports Centre in Bisham serving a number of Elite GB Olympic and Para-Olympic teams as well as many National Governing Bodies of UK Sport.

Nulife Group


Darryl created the Nulife Group in 2010 with Mathew Hammond & Hayley Wilkinson, the companies objective was focusing on health & wellbeing in three main areas: 'Spiritual Growth & Development & Natural Healing', 'Natural Beauty' & 'Food & Nutrition'.


The company went from strength to strength and enjoyed a very successful 4 years of trading. The company received global exposure and recognition once enlisting International Psychic Surgeon Gary Mannion, as a freelance therapist, facilitating his renowned ABE Therapy workshops as well as private clinics days and hosting his trance and mediumship events.


In November 2013 Nulife underwent a massive facelift and rebranding phase, the direction was changing... Natural Beauty and the Oven & Catering Services were being dropped leaving the company to focus more on the Spiritual aspect and a new Plant Based Nutrition consultancy service. When interviewed on Radio Wey why the rebranding had occurred, Darryl replied with “our general operation has changed so much in the last three years and so have the three of us as individuals, our values and belief systems are different now and the company needed to reflect this also”.


In February 2014 Nulife was closed down, Darryl commented on a holding page on the website: "You can change so much about the aesthetics and the appearance of something but what really matters is the core and foundations, looking back now I believe the foundations we built on were wrong. I'm not doubting for one minute they were right in 2010 given where we all were, but today I do not believe in the same foundations. The facelift was a fresh and great new idea, I had a lot of fun doing it but sadly its like painting over rust, this is not the end though, I will be back, but for now its been an incredible fours years and thank you to everyone who's supported us :) x”





A gifted psychic and intuitive Healer, since a young age Darryl has utilised many different senses working with Spirit, these include psychic; sight, smell, hearing, sensing & knowing and taste, commonly referred to as the 5 C’s.


Following an absence of spirit interaction for many years he re-opened the door and got back on his path in 2006. In very little time he emerged with a far reaching reputation regarding his healing work. Darryl has put a lot of time into developing himself more and more by way of attending courses, reading, studying and of course receiving lessons derived from Spirit. 


Darryl stopped all work again in February 2014 and took a break for 20 months. During this time he has been working more and more with Dragon’s Breath Energy and has totally redeveloped himself and the way he works. October 2015 saw the launch of the Dragon Clinic.


2016 paves an exciting year for Darryl and his work… 

Darryl Kempster International



Darryl Kempster International: like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of 411 Group Enterprises and Nulife Group. This new venture and collective of works captures everything Darryl has learned in business over the past 16 years of self employment, this is truly a fresh start.


Darryl Kempster International currently houses two project companies: 


Dragon Clinic, reforming the magic of the Nulife Group into a sleek and simplified all-round health & wellbeing company, tackling todays mainstream issues head-on with nutrition, life coaching, hypnotherapy, natural healing, spiritual guidance, mentoring and fitness.


Dragons Breath Media, strings together Darryl’s media projects and conquests. A great emergence of new products are being made available where Darryl has taken a more behind the scenes role in bringing them to life.